Before you pay your traffic or speeding ticket,

contact out traffic defense lawyers to discuss your options.

Why should you hire Giannola Traffic Lawyers for your traffic ticket?

  1. Save Money (and your license!) – Paying your ticket means you are pleading guilty and receiving a conviction as opposed to supervision.  A conviction is a mark on your driving record which points are assessed against you for.  Convictions (and thereby points) also increase insurance rates resulting in you paying much higher insurance premiums every month which can cost thousands over the years
  2. No Time off Work – Most traffic citations are considered petty violations with the exception of more serios driving offenses such as Driving While License Suspended/Revoked, Reckless Driving, DUI, etc. As long as your ticket is considered a petty offense instead of a misdemeanor, Giannola Traffic Lawyers can appear in court on your behalf and you do not need to come to court.  Traffic court is expensive enough without even considering the fact that you need to miss work and therefore lose out on income.
  3. Avoid Points – When you are charged with a traffic offense, that offense carries certain points that work against your driving record and remain on your record for a period of time. Just one point can raise your insurance rates, and too many points can lead to license suspension. This is ESPECIALLY important for CDL drivers, as points could result in a complete license loss.  Points for a normal drivers license are not assessed if the driver receives supervision, but for CDL drivers, points are assessed for all moving violations, even if the CDL holder receives supervision.
  4. Save Time – If you plead guilty on your citation and pay the fine, you will likely have to go to driving school which is 8 hours on a Saturday, pay your fines, and take days off work. If you choose to fight your ticket yourself in court, you must take off work for at least two court appearances, and also do all the homework to conduct your own trial. If you hire Giannola Traffic Lawyers, you need 15 minutes on the phone with us to go over your ticket and the rest we take care of.

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