What is court supervision on a traffic ticket and will it keep my record clean?

Supervision is when a judge withholds entry of conviction on the moving violation when a guilty plea is made as long as you are not issued any other tickets within 120 days.

Does court supervision help protect commercial drivers?

For commercial drivers, federal law complicates court supervision. States are not allowed to hide offenses a commercial driver is found guilty of. Court supervisions that would usually keep offenses off one’s public record must be reported publicly.

How do driver's license points work in Illinois?

Illinois follows a point system for traffic violations and they can add up from even the most minor cases, such as failure to keep in the proper lane or driving five miles over the speed limit. Acquiring enough points within a certain time period may lead to license suspension.

What is a REAL ID and when do I need one?

The REAL ID is a driver’s license or state ID that is compliant with an act passed in 2005. This ID will be required in Illinois starting October 2021.

It says on my ticket no court appearance required, should I just pay the ticket and be done?

You can plead guilty and pay a fine, but it is best to hire an attorney to fight your case. The traffic violation could have a negative effect on your driving privileges, raise insurance rates, require traffic school, and have even higher consequences if you are 21 and younger.