Giannola Traffic Lawyers is a Chicagoland area law firm that provides legal service to motorists charged with traffic offenses from petty speeding tickets to felony DUIs. Through our years of experience defending traffic tickets throughout the DuPage County court system, we have developed a formula and knowledge base of technicalities that provides results for our clients. Giannola Traffic Lawyers maintains success with clients due to the transparent relationship fostered with our clients from the very start, paired with the ease and convenience of working with our firm. Whether you have been charged with a failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, or your license has been suspended due to driving under the influence, contact Giannola Traffic Lawyers today for a no obligation, free consultation.


Our clients trust our defense attorneys at Giannola Traffic Lawyers because we present our clients with honest legal advice during the initial consultation. While we always recommend hiring an attorney for representation in court as lawyers understand the nuances of the legal system in ways the average individual does not, we are also realistic with our prospective clients. If you are truly in the same position with our representation as you would be on your own, we let you know so that you have the information to make the right decision for your case. We also provide the likely outcomes of your traffic charges, should your driving background not be perfect so that you aren’t surprised with the result of our legal defense. The attorneys at Giannola Traffic Lawyers have excellent client relations because we treat our clients like family, and always remain honest and transparent.


People in today’s world have every minute of every day planned and scheduled, creating a structured lifestyle that doesn’t pair well with an unexpected traffic ticket that requires an attorney and court appearance (or 2, or 3… you get the idea). One of the most significant benefits of hiring one of our skilled defense attorneys at Giannola Traffic Lawyers is that we are able to provide our services without you ever needing to visit our office. We offer phone or zoom consults, online payments, e-signature for documents, and for all petty violations, your court appearance is not required if you have an attorney. After your traffic ticket is resolved, our office calls you to inform you of the outcome (if you didn’t have to appear in court), and we also send you an email so you have documentation in writing for your own records. We understand that hiring an attorney is the last thing you want to be doing, so we make it as least cumbersome as possible for you.


Our criminal defense attorneys practice throughout the DuPage County area defending all levels of traffic violations. We work for you, to give you peace of mind and a successful outcome. Contact Giannola Traffic Lawyers today for a free consultaiton.